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Event Production & Management

Event Production

As a London based event production company, we produce a range of events including live music concerts, garden parties, product launches, food & lifestyle festivals and corporate parties. We tailor our events around creating an experience for your guests with keen attention to every detail.

For more information on how Chaotic Dream can bring your event to life, get in touch with us, or check out The Stu & Back Garden Weddings.


Equipment Hire

We offer a variety of equipment hire deals for local or national events.

- Marquee hire (including delivery & errection)
- Proffesional camera hire &  (DSLRs, GoPros & Arial Drone Photography)
- Cable hire (Extentions, 32Amp, 16Amp & Distro)
- Long-range Walkie Talkies
- Party Lighting
- PA system (suitable for 150 - 500 people), mixers, microphones and cables
- Food event Demonstration Kitchen hire
- Pop Up Photo Studio (photography backdrops, soft box lights & camera)
- Wine Barrel Bar & Bar Equipment
- Vintage style pedal bike bicycle smoothie maker
- 4oz popcorn machine
- xBox Kinect & Flat screen TV